Huffington Post

“Inspiring documentary by first-time filmmaker Patricia Shih... the Women Filmmakers: Immigrant Stories series returns with increased funding to showcase even more powerful, compelling short- and long-form films at a time when it’s more important than ever before to understand the stories of those who came to New York City to start a new life.  Shih’s debut film presents the quintessential American Dream story of a young family who sacrificed it all for a better life."

Long Island Press

“Truly inspiring.  Not to be missed.”

Steve Taub, Emmy nominated producer/director

"This film displays the struggles, intelligence, heart and persistence of one man and his families’ desires to live the American dream.  As citizens we need to insist that tolerance and acceptance of difference becomes the standing norm.  'Undocumented' exemplifies this ideal.  We need to examine and live this message now more than ever. Bravo."

Queens World Film Festival Jury notes

“Intimate personal success story of an immigrant that overcomes many obstacles to ‘fix broken hearts.’ I believe NYC audiences will fall in love with this Colombian born heart surgeon.”

San Diego Latino Film Festival, Moises Esparza, Programming Manager

"...a powerful, moving and unforgettable documentary!"

Dances with Films Judges' Reviews

"Very inspirational, important and timely story, certainly one that is very relevant to today's world and political climate.  Given the current political landscape, I think more stories like this need to be told."